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Quality Assurance

Tooling Quality Assurance

At Dew Tool each job is carefully managed to maintain strict standards of excellence. To maintain our consistent high quality we begin with premium materials purchased from ISO 9001 certified suppliers. Continuous inspection and checking supports quality parts as your custom tools move through the production process. Every member of our production team is responsible for upholding our high quality standards and all tools are thoroughly inspected to meet your requirements.

Our quality processes, procedures and controls include:

  1. Lot Control and Traceability
  2. Documented Manufacturing Processes
  3. Records retention
  4. Climate Controlled Facility to Reduce Measurement Variation
  5. In-process and Final Inspections
  6. Inspection Equipment Calibrated and Traceable to N.I.S.T. Standards
  7. 50 Power Magnification
  8. Heat Treat Inspection Services with Certification Available Upon Request
  9. Cleaning and Packaging to Protect Your Surgically Sharp edge 

Whether your company requires complete inspection reports, heat treat and material certifications, or simply a standard Certificate of Compliance, Dew Tool can meet your needs. Contact us today!

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